Trends in decorations that will return this summer

Trends in interior decoration come and go, but some have power, even if they initially look like “flash-in-the-pan”. From wicker furniture to neon color palettes and more, here are some decorating trends for your home that are coming back this summer and beyond.

Wicker furniture.
It is said that wicker furniture – is about to reappear in a more contemporary way than you might be used to seeing. Many people think of this furniture as choosing one of the older generations, but wicker has been popular throughout history. Wicker furniture was revived in the arts and crafts of the 1900s and then again in the 1960s. After that it made a steady comeback in the 2000s. This time, just expect an impact of the room as from the ’90 and to a modern sensation when the wicker is mixed with matte black and other darker shades.

Cheerful kitchens.
If you think that kitchens furnished in immaculate white will remain popular for years to come, we tell you to think again. For several years, white and bright kitchens have been “le look du moment”, but “cabinetry” is making a return to the trend of the 21st century. We anticipate that navy, green and even more beautiful wooden cabinets, those made of stained wood are becoming more and more popular on xnxx videos.

Everything related to the 1980s.
If you’re a fan of the bold colors and silhouettes of the ’80s decor, then we have good news for you. The pastels and neon of the 1980s, paired with the curved and bulbous lines of 2020, are making a comeback. We will see a lot of spaces that will have these elements of the ’90s, being futuristic and retro.

High contrast shades.
While mixing different prints and patterns remains a popular design trick, it is said that the use of contrasting colors in the same space is about to be fashionable. With so many opportunities for blending and matching, we predict that color contrast will again be a huge deal. For example, a contrasting color in a kitchen can create an elegant and sophisticated space that has just the right amount of color / Contrast can work in many ways – dark and bright, saturated versus faded or even monochrome, as long as there is a large visual difference in tone.

Floral wallpaper.
Few things energize a room faster than floral wallpaper, which is why this trend of decor in force is starting to reappear in a modern, big and bold way. We are almost certain that everyone has a family member who has had (and may still have) floral wallpaper in their home. Well, you will find that this trend is starting to circulate once again, becoming fashionable again, but now it is something more dramatic with deeper colors and on a much larger scale (quality).

Floral wallpaper

Cane furniture.
If you’ve never seen cane furniture, it’s time to get to know each other. The cane furniture made an extraordinary comeback. While it is often confused with wicker, it is a specific job to apply rattan cane to furniture. You will see that it repeats itself in a time loop from the mid-80s to the end of 2020.
A dining room or kitchen is a good place to incorporate reed chairs, but you can also find benches and shelving units with reed backs. Like wicker, the secret to styling this material for this summer and beyond is mixing it with a few darker pieces of furniture.

The art pieces.
Originally popular in the 1980s, large-scale pieces of art are beginning to appear in today’s interiors. Artists, celebrities and taste producers from the ’80s had houses with walls covered in huge paintings. Today we can see the trend of reformation right before our eyes, because people aim to create a perfectionist trend.
The pieces can be abstract, figurative, photorealistic or even pastoral – any genre really works. Obviously, this trend translates well into murals painted on bare walls. In addition, pieces of cloth with a large-scale frame are beginning to be fashionable, on the wall above the sofas in the living room and in other parts of the house. The next time you feel compelled to fill an empty wall with a bunch of small works, consider hanging a single piece – or ordering a mural from a local or favorite artist.

Peacock chairs.
Look, they were in vogue in the ’60s and’ 70s, peacock chairs, which probably originated in Asia and were associated with the Black Panther movement, are reappearing inside homes and will last for some time in the interior design of homes. The iconic peacock chair has been making its way back for years. As 2020 takes a hard look at black history, we will see more and more of these pieces outside homes, on the beach and in the yard. Learn from other models of peacock chairs by entering here.

Peacock chairs

Canopy beds.
Nothing looks older in a bedroom than a four-poster bed, which does not stop appearing in modern spaces today. Although you can see four-poster beds throughout history and, most recently, in the (slightly outdated) garments of the 1980s that channel the aesthetics of the British country house. So there is a lot of demand for these types of beds in the last year. They are great for giving style, architecture and style to a simple room and help define the space. You can find other models and information without wanting to in the videos from xvideos.

Decorating small bathrooms with wallpaper.
Not sure how to decorate a tiny and uncomfortable bathroom? Full of attractive wallpapers and decorative accents are about to return. In the past, small rooms were a place where wallpaper was very popular and we expect it to be a big trend again this year. It is the perfect place to incorporate more daring elements that make a bright and pleasant image, including with light bodies.