Saying Goodbye to Boring Radiators

Out with the old in with the new!

The time has come!  I am sick of these dull radiators in my house so I decided to go on the hunt for something more modern and cost efficient. New radiators can be a great way to improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and it can literally change the look of a room.

I couldn’t figure out what exactly I was looking for at first so I done some Googling and have listed everything I found below!


What are the different types of Radiators

Towel rails 

If you’re looking to heat up your bathroom and dry your towels at the same time, you’ve found the perfect radiator! Heated Towel Rails are a great solution for this. There generally made up of rounded tubes and look like a ladder. This will help you dry multiple towels at once, so its great for your family bathroom! You can find some great designs from brands like Radox and Trade Radiators.


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Panel radiators 

If you like things simple, this is the radiator for you. Flat panel radiators are modern, simple and most often very efficient. They also give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to space.



Vertical Radiators 

Vertical radiators are pretty cool and bold. They will fit into thing wall spaces too which make them a really creative option as opposed to more traditional ones. If you have a smaller room, these take up less space too so you’ll get more space.

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Cast Iron Radiators 

Cast Iron radiators take much longer to heat up and cool down, meaning they’re going to keep you much warmer long after you turn the heating off. They also have this vintage look thats great!

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Check out these black radiators from Trade Radiators. 


Low surface temperature Radiators 

If you’ve got a family, these radiators prevent your little ones from burning their hands. Its a great choice for new parents. They work by using airflow to keep the surface of the radiator cool without reducing the amount of heat they generate.






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