Top tips to create a 5 star guest room

Spoil your overnight guests by making them feel like they have a stepped into a luxurious boutique hotel just for them.  It doesn’t take much to create a warm and welcoming place for your friends and family to lay their heads. Clean towels, fresh sheets and comfy pillows will add to your reputation as being the host/ess with the most/ess.

Make it feel like a home from home

Many peoples gust rooms double up as an office space, playroom or simply the place where things that don’t have a place go to live. Before your guests arrive go the rooms good tidy and remove as much clutter as you can. This may mean tidying up your desk, corralling toys back into their box or uncovering the bed from all the items that have accrued on it! When designing a multi-use guest room keep storage in mind so you have options for hiding the day to day stuff when the room is being used for an overnight stay. Underbed storage can be a great option for this.

Give the room a thorough vacuum and dust and open the window to let fresh air in prior to your guest’s arrival. Placing a nice bunch of flowers or even a scented candle or two in the room won’t hurt either.


Most overnight guests are just that, there for one night and then gone so it can be tempting to not overly worry about storage in your guest room, however, there are times where you may have visitors that stay for longer or have outfits that require a little bit more TLC than being folded up inside a travelling bag, wedding guest outfits wool be a perfect example of this. Storage space in a guest room can easily be used for you own stuff too, just keep a little clear space in that storage for your guests. If space doesn’t allow for a chest of drawers or wardrobe space, consider adding some hooks to the back of the door as an easy way to give some options for your guest.

The essentials

Even the most organised of us forget things from time to time so consider keeping a small stash of toiletries like toothpaste, painkillers and moisturiser in your guest room. Your guests will think you and it will stop them awkwardly rifling through your bathroom cupboards in search of toothpaste! Fro the next morning make sure you have a stack of towels on hand for them to use if it is not immediately obvious where spares are kept, a hairdryer will also be appreciated.

In our modern age, we also have electronics to consider, a spare phone charger can be a handy item to have if your guests have the same type of phone as you and leave a note of your wifi details too if you don’t mind your guests surfing the web on your dime that is.

Follow our top tips and you might trust find that your guests don’t want to leave!


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