Classic house styles through the ages

House design has certainly changed over the years with some of the most popular and iconic styles of home acting as a timeline of the history of architecture in the British Isles. Here is a rundown of some of our favourite designs and a little bit of information about them that is sure to come in handy for a pub quiz!


Fans of “Escape to the Country” are probably very familiar with this classic British home, most commonlyfound in England. The iconic thatched roofs and exposed wooden timbers are paired with delicately leaded windows and heat doors that conjure up the kneeling of entering your very own castle. Tudors can range from the white fronted idyllic farm house styles to brick faced buildings with gothically inspired accents such as door knockers, hinges and elaborate stonework above the entrances.


The designs of a 16th century architect from Italy named Andrea Palladio coupled with those of English Architect, Inigo Jones, are credited as being the inspiration behind the Georgian house style that was popular from 1714-1790 and beyond. This look prioritised elegance and symmetry with pillars and columns being a frequent trademark of the style with Greek motifs becoming increasingly popular in later years. The style of house was often found in cities and proved to be significant departure from the more rural and cosy feel of the Tudor homes the came before it.


After the elegance of the white fronted Georgian period of house design there was a return to the use of red brick as the fronting for homes, and with more people moving into the cities a space saving solution for housing was required. The terraced design of the Victorian house was a perfect solution for the growing middle class. In contrast to the Georgian style, asymmetry was favoured over the perfect symmetrical look. Residents were also able to embellish their homes with ornate archways and decorative touches to show one’s wealth being commonplace.

Art Deco

We are skipping forward to the 1920’s and diving into the world of Art Deco. The roaring 20’s brought in a whole host of innovations and nowhere was this more obvious than in building design. Gone were the box like builds of the Georgian and Victorian era homes to be replaced by the sleek curves and geometric inspired shapes of the Art Deco movement.

Modern Minimalism

Bringing us up to date is the most recent trend in house design-the rise of modern minimalism. This type of design can very much be a reflection of the people who commission them so each design is going to be different and appeal to the different needs of the owner. However, there are common themes when it comes to the minimalist look such as clean lines, white frontages and floor to ceiling windows being common features.

What is your favourite style?


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